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Ice Traction Products!


Ice traction products is what we sell! 

The Hornet carbide ice screw have been holding up great, have been used in tractor tires, ASV Track Trucks DX4530 and log skidders and rubber tracked Sno-Cats

 We use solid impact carbide not chips! Buyer Beware!  

This picture is of a brand of ice screw that uses carbide chips ! :banghead:  (NOW) Try to get them out of the tire. 

The larger ice picks have been used on steal Cleated Sno-Cats as well as Tractor with conversion kits 2 & 4 track units, by using the weld on or bolt on blocks

  • easy installation and removal
  • better steering and control
  • lower cost than chains

Current Pricing as of 03-20-2013  Prices may change without notice!

Description SKU # Price
Carbide ice screw             3/4" or 1" HTS-4 Buy 1 or 100 $1.29 each the more

 you buy the cheaper they get!

Volume Discount         

round spike - 5/8 shank with snap ring RSC-10 $7.00 each

Call for Price !!!!

Volume Discount      

hex  spike - 7/16 shank with nut  HSN-7 $8.50 Each


 Price of weld on  Blocks on Start @ $6.50 per block  for 5/8 or 7/16 ice spikes 

 Price For Bolt on 5/8  blocks for BR & LMC type Ice spikes Start @ $14.50

Current Pricing as of 03-20-2013 Prices may change without notice!


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 Question please ask!

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Due to the nature of our business!

Please call ahead, we will be more than happy to set up a time to answer questions that you may have about our products!

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