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Marcel Grooming has been doing this for over 20 years and is still going! 

 (YES)  There Still In Business !

Snow Country Groomers.LLC Trail Building Equipment is what we sell!

When using the MGE line of (Trail Finishers) you will build trails by packing the fresh snow with the packer pan, and once a base is built, you use the multi blades of the drag along with the packing pan to finish the trail. With the solid mounted blades you won't get the chopping and banging  that you get with spring loaded blades. (Ever Look At The Frames Of A Spring Reset Style Drags) Lots of cracks in the frames and weld from all the vibration from the springs trying to hold the blades from tripping!


Product #1: Marcel/MGE standard Trail finishing/drag

  MGE has the time tested Marcel/MGE standard Trail finishing/drag  this unit has been a favorite for club that have used them. May clubs have gone back to using their Standard MGE Trail finishing/drag that are over ten years old after buying a ladder spring loaded style drag, only to find out that there old  MGE/ Standard Trail finishing/drag did a much better job!


Product #2

 You Tube Video of The BGRossco Drag Tilt Ski In Action!

The MGE/BGRossco is the top of the line Trail Finisher/Drag, with it's multi blade & large frame snow moves through it with ease.

 Either MGE/Trail Finisher/Drag can be put behind Tuckers-Terra's, Farm Tractors with or with out tracks, 2 Tracked Sno-Cats.

 What can more can you say about it?

Marcel Grooming Sale's flyer! 

Key Benefits

  • Clubs report trails hold up better, which means less trips out grooming
  • Better trails mean happier members = More memberships Sold!
  • Builds a trail by packing in layers, less moguls

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Description Product # Price
BGRossco/MGE Marcel Trail Finisher/Drag BG-810Deluxe $26,500.00 Canadian Funds
MGE/Marcel Trail Finisher/Drag MGE-810 Deluxe $22,500.00 Canadian Funds


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