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Sno-Cat parts  For Tucker Terra  LMC  BR's  just to name a few!

Parts are FOB Lena Wisconsin   Prices may change up or down in cost because of market conditions!

Sur-Trac Owners SCG.LLC now offers replacement Cleats Belting & Tire Guides & Complete Tracks For Sur-Trac machines

Cleats thickness is 5/16" or 3/8" 

Example: New cleats 5/16 2"x2" X 29" with new  Grade 5 Nuts & Bolts $24.00 each 

1# Belting 3/4 thick Good Year Belting 54  cleat 3 hole pattern $850.00 per belt  Price good till  September 30th 2013!

Owners of Marcel Grooming Unit!

SCG.LLC now offers replacement Cleats Belting & Tire Guides & Complete Tracks For your MGE Equipment!

1/4" or 5/16" cleats with hardware 

(Call for Pricing)

BR180 Perma Tires 

Gilbert Snow Groomers Owners If Your In Need Of Parts? And Located In The U.S.A.

SCG.LLC can offer you a fast turn around, if your in need PARTS FOR YOUR GILBERT UNIT!


  LMC  1800 Owners!   :myopinon:  It Pays to own a Machine the was Made In The U.S.A .

If Your in need of Parts for your 1800 LMC Give SCG.LLC:phone:  (920)829-5196  We can Help!

 ( Please Call for current Prices ) As Prices do change!

Example of Sno-Cat parts & Prices!


LMC 1800 Cleats $65.00 

Tire Guides

Tire Guides $37.50

Backer plates SS $7.95


LMC 1800 Belting price

Belting Good-Year 10" 4 ply $695.00

German Artisein 1600# $875.00


Here's how it works, when you need sprockets (NOW) You send PAYMENT for the cost of the recovered sprocket and Core Deposit!

 And we'll send you a recovered  sprocket, Once we receive your recoverable core we refund you the Core Deposit!

Recovered LMC 1800-14 tooth sprockets $698.00 RS   &  (Need to Send a good  Core to be Recovered)

Recovered LMC 1800-13 tooth sprockets $798.00 RS   &  (Need to Send a good Core to be Recovered)


Core charge of $300.00 if core is damaged and not usable 

Tucker 7 tooth 2" wide Recovered sprockets $250.00 with core exchange

(if your core is damaged and unusable there is a $200.00 core charge)


(SnowCountryGroomers.LLC) will not give out price of any Equipment or products unless we receive a name & phone number & address of the club or business that is requesting.

Updated as of  01/01/2014